Industrial Automation in a Post-COVID Era

The Coronavirus pandemic has awakened the world to the threat posed by congested settings with too many crammed into a small space. An unforeseen casualty of this has been the industrial sector, where a large number of workers combine their efforts to keep an assembly line running. Thanks to the extensive precautions necessitated by the […]

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Employee Spotlight – Don Christian

Hello Fellow Geeks, My name is Don Christian and I am the Technical Operations Manager here at Global American. I manage the production floor, RMA department, and handle technical correspondence with many of our suppliers. My technical background includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of New Hampshire in Computer Information Systems, years of commercial […]

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Blue Ethernet Cable

Powering Embedded PCs through Ethernet

A common problem faced when installing embedded computers is the mess of cabling required. Not only does each system need its own network connection, but also a source of power. In a large industrial setup (like a server rack), these additional cables can quickly add up to the cost as well as the complexity of […]

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Intel’s Comet Lake Brings Performance at a Budget

The last couple of years have been quite interesting for the microprocessor industry. AMD shook up the market with the announcement of their groundbreaking Ryzen processors, ending half a decade of unchallenged dominance by Intel. With its combination of power and affordability, the Ryzen series upended the competition, and suddenly, everyone was swearing by AMD. […]

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LV-67N-G Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard with Intel Q87 Chipset supporting 4th Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 Desktop Processors Family (formerly Haswell)

It’s the End of the Line for Haswell Chipsets

Of late, Intel has been aggressively pruning its product lines. Pushed into a corner by AMD’s spectacular success with its Ryzen series of chips, Intel has been forced to reassess its strategy. And the latest casualty in this microprocessor war is the tried and tested line of Lynx Point chipsets. Used as a core for […]

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Employee Spotlight – Jordan Anderson

Hello, my name is Jordan Anderson. I started my journey here at Global American a few years ago, shortly after graduating college. I am thankful that I was given this opportunity, and I saw this as my chance to grow and make my parents proud. I saw how hard they had to work to put […]

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Why M.2 is a Game Changer for Embedded PCs

Solid State Drives (SSD) have long been touted as the new age replacement for traditional disk drives. But while the drives themselves have been getting smaller and faster, the interface for using them remains ponderously slow, dragging down the performance of SSDs. Well, no more. Thanks to the development of M.2, or the Next Generation […]

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MI980 – Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard with Intel Active Management Technology 9.0, Trusted Platform Module 1.2, RAID and state-of-the-art Intel vPro technology

Intel Platform Trust Technology: Cutting Edge Security for Low-Power Systems

There was a time when a strong password and good antivirus software were all you needed to keep your computer safe. Nowadays, hackers can break into the most secure systems, using viruses to infect even the Master Boot Record itself. Enter: Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) and Trusted Platform Module (TPM). While hacking prevention might […]

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