RAID setups

RAID Setups for Industrial Applications

Data storage for commercial applications is not a simple matter. Servers may see thousands of access requests come in for the same file at the same time; serving each client one at a time would slow down the process considerably. Then there is the question of drive failures, which unfortunately occur rather frequently for a […]

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NVMe: The Next Leap in Memory Technology

The arrival of Solid State Drives (SSDs) turned hard disks from noisy, bulky devices to sleek and silent attachments for the modern computer. Boasting a much faster read-write speed than an old-school hard drive, SSDs became the de-facto memory device for running performance-sensitive applications. But even though memory drives have evolved, the technology used to […]

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windows 11

Is Windows 11 Good For Embedded Computers?

When it comes to embedded computers, updating to a new version of Windows is no simple matter. There are a large number of interconnected components in an industrial application, and even the smallest change can throw a spanner in the works. This is why the question of whether or not you should upgrade your embedded […]

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embedded integration solution

How to Choose the Best Embedded Integration Solution

Industrial applications are often complex. No two businesses have the same requirements, which can make getting the right tools for the job a bit difficult. This is especially the case with computers, as out-of-the-box systems rarely fit the bill. But are custom-built boards even needed? And how do you choose the best-embedded PC integrator? Here’s […]

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IEC 60601-1

IEC 60601-1: The Gold Standard for Medical Devices

When installing embedded computers in medical settings, there are many things to consider. Unlike an industrial location, hygiene is of utmost importance, apart from absolute adherence to safety norms. After all, these computers are used to control lifesaving medical equipment, so any errors can be fatal. To ensure that all electronic devices – including but […]

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DIN rails

DIN Rail Mounting Explained

If you have ever been involved in the installation of an industrial computer, you must have come across the term DIN rail mounting. A core step when setting up a network of embedded computers, DIN rail mounting is the default method for installing crucial electrical devices. This begs the natural question: what exactly is a […]

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Form Factors

How to Find the Best Form Factor for Your Embedded PC

If you have ever paid attention to the technical specs of a computer’s motherboard, you may have come across terms like Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX. Referred to as form factor, this name apparently decides the category of the motherboard. But how exactly do these form factors differ? Which form factor should you go for? Here is […]

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Fanless Computer

Things To Keep In Mind While Installing a Fanless Computer

In the world of embedded computers, fanless PCs are quickly becoming the norm. Requiring neither air conditioning nor a dedicated cooling system, these systems are ideal for industrial and commercial settings. While fanless computers do not require much maintenance, thanks to the lack of active cooling components, they do require careful installation. What are the […]

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