Commell LP-179

Commell LP-179: Industrial Motherboard for the Intel Tiger Lake Processors

With the launch of Intel’s new Tiger Lake processors for ultraportable devices, embedded computers are headed for a tectonic shift. The new chips bring a host of new features for industrial systems, from superior integrated graphics to powerful quad-core processing.  At the forefront of this change is the Commell LP-179. Created upon the Pico-ITX form […]

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Do USB Generations Matter?

Like every other technological standard, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) has evolved over the years. From standard USB to USB 2.0, and now USB 3.0, it has been upgraded twice. But do these USB generations even matter? What exactly is improved in every version? Let’s find out. Transfer Speed: The Key Metric The capacity of […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Product Life Cycles

The life cycle of an industrial computer is the most crucial factor in deciding when and if you should upgrade to a new system. But what is a life cycle? What does it mean in the context of embedded computers? And how does it relate to the lifespan of a product? Let’s find out. #1: […]

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Supply Chain Disruption Hits the Semi-conductor Industry

Supply Chain Disruption Hits the Semi-conductor Industry Covid-19 has severely tested the robustness of the global trade framework. From factories shut down by lockdowns to ships stranded in quarantine, there has been no lack of hurdles holding back economic recovery across the world. With a year of experience chafing under coronavirus-related restrictions, many industries have […]

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Embedded Computer Hardware

The Rise of Low-Power Processors

Low-power processors have long played second fiddle to desktop chips. Companies tend to focus on creating the next ‘fastest’ processor, with the budget segment being a secondary concern. Not anymore. With its new Tiger Lake lineup, Intel firmly signaled its changed priorities. Clashing head-on with AMD’s successful Ryzen series of chips, the Tiger Lake processors […]

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How the MiTac E600 Can Boost Your Industrial System

MiTAC E600 Industrial and frameworks are known to be reluctant to change, hanging on to legacy systems as long as they don’t outright stop working. And with good reason; transitioning to a new system is not as simple as plugging in a new computer, but often requires widespread changes throughout the framework to integrate with […]

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Digital Signage with Air Purifier

With the concerns raised over air quality over the past few years, ensuring a clean airflow within the closed confines of a commercial establishment has become a priority. But installing a whole new system to cater to this need alone might be a bit inefficient, not to mention expensive. But what if you could include […]

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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight – Cathy Perault

Hi, I’m Cathy Perault and I’m the Customer Success Manager at Global. This month, I’ll be celebrating my 15 year anniversary here, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! Granted, we’ve seen some ups and downs, like most businesses, but I’ve learned and grown. I value our customers and feel proud of the service and […]

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