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Choosing the Right Embedded Computer for Pharmaceuticals
When people think of computer-assisted manufacturing, they imagine an advanced assembly line building complex machines. Although that is a common application of technology in an industrial setting, powerful computers are more useful in applications of a microscopic scale, where precision is of paramount importance. (+)

The Need for Rugged Surveillance Systems
There was a time when CCTV cameras were only installed as a security measure in commercial establishments. Surveillance systems have come a long way from then. (+)

Going Touch-Free with Embedded Computers
Not that long ago, touch screens were all the rage. From self-help kiosks to check-out queues, touch screen terminals were deployed in all kinds of scenarios to help out customers. (+)

Keep Your Operations Running Smoothly with Rugged Computers
We are all aware of the typical idiosyncrasies of home computers. They need to be protected from dust, temperature variations, humidity, not to mention physical impacts. (+)

Employee Spotlight - Leah Walsh
“What’s an Industrial Computer?” This was my question to Nizar almost 14 years ago when he asked me to come work at Global. I pursued a Liberal Arts degree with a major in English Journalism at UNH, had my own byline as a feature writer in the Boston Globe, and then moved on to a career in advertising, but computers (or anything having to do with them), weren't something I ever considered in my skill set. (+)

Making Vehicles Smart with Embedded Computers
Between self-driving cars of the far future and the analog vehicles of the past, there is a whole range of technologies that can be integrated into vehicles to make them smarter. Things such as predictive maintenance alerts, emission control, and automatic emergency braking are all possible today. (+)

Industrial Automation in a Post COVID Era
The Coronavirus pandemic has awakened the world to the threat posed by congested settings with too many crammed into a small space. An unforeseen casualty of this has been the industrial sector, where a large number of workers combine their efforts to keep an assembly line running. (+)

Employee Spotlight – David Jhaver
My name is David Jhaver, and I am the Purchasing Manager here at Global American. I purchase all the materials for our integrated assemblies. My favorite part of my job is negotiating pricing with our vendors in order to save our customers money. (+)

Intel’s Comet Lake Brings Performance at a Budget
The last couple of years have been quite interesting for the microprocessor industry. AMD shook up the market with the announcement of their groundbreaking Ryzen processors, ending half a decade of unchallenged dominance by Intel. (+)

Powering Embedded PCs through Ethernet
A common problem faced when installing embedded computers is the mess of cabling required. Not only does each system need its own network connection, but also a source of power.(+)

Employee Spotlight – Don Christian
My name is Don Christian and I am the Technical Operations Manager here at Global American. I manage the production floor, RMA department, and handle technical correspondence with many of our suppliers.(+)

It’s the End of the Line for Haswell Chipsets
Of late, Intel has been aggressively pruning its product lines. Pushed into a corner by AMD’s spectacular success with its Ryzen series of chips, Intel has been forced to reassess its strategy.(+)

Why M.2 is a Game Changer for Embedded PCs
Solid State Drives (SSD) have long been touted as the new age replacement for traditional disk drives. But while the drives themselves have been getting smaller and faster, the interface for using them remains ponderously slow, dragging down the performance of SSDs.(+)

Employee Spotlight - Jordan Anderson
Hello, my name is Jordan Anderson. I started my journey here at Global American a few years ago, shortly after graduating college.(+)

Global Partners with MiTAC to Release High-Performance Embedded PC
With the advent of machine learning based developments like image recognition and speech-to-text in everyday technologies, the need for powerful embedded PCs capable of GPU processing is steadily rising.(+)

Intel Platform Trust Technology: Cutting Edge Security for Low-Power Systems
There was a time when a strong password and good antivirus software were all you needed to keep your computer safe. Nowadays, hackers can break into the most secure systems, using viruses to infect even the Master Boot Record itself.(+)

Employee Spotlight - Judy Roberts
Hey there! I’m Judy Roberts, Accounting Admin here at Global. (+)

Embedded Systems a Lone Bright Spot in the Coronavirus Gloom
The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant negative impact on the global economy, however not all businesses are affected equally. Read on to learn how the embedded computer industry is responding to the crisis. (+)

Employee Spotlight - Teri Heatherington
Hi, I'm Teri Heatherington, the Controller for Global American, and I handle and oversee all Global’s accounting functions. (+)

CAN Bus and Embedded PCs – What’s to know?
Global American Inc, offers several PCs with integrated CAN bus. (+)

Employee Spotlight - Gary Shalek
Hi, I’m Gary Shalek, your Senior Tech and RMA Lead at Global. (+)

Windows 7 Support Has Ended, Now What?
Let us help you find the right solution that will save you money AND ensure the easiest transition to Windows 10 possible. (+)

Employee Spotlight - Andrea Delgado
As Operations Coordinator Andrea supports multiple areas at Global American. (+)

It's January - Let's Talk About Wide Temperature Applications
With our average winter temperatures hitting -6°C, our mind is on Embedded Products that can sustain the elements. (+)

Employee Spotlight - Dustin Barclay
Hello! My name is Dustin Barclay and I am a Hardware Technician at Global American. (+)

Your Motherboard is Going End of Life by Leah Walsh  
You’ve received that email or call from your supplier announcing the EOL status of your board or PC.  What do you do now? 

Employee Spotlight - Cathy Perault
Hi, I’m Cathy Perault and I’m the Customer Success Manager at Global. This month, I’ll be celebrating my 15 year anniversary at Global American.  (+)

Celebrating 30 Years of Embedded Computing Solutions
For three decades Global American has been an innovator of embedded computing solutions for industrial, government, healthcare and the military (+)

Global American Inc Announces Launch of New Website to Better Serve Clients
In an effort to better serve the OEM and hardware engineers, has launched a new website. (+)

MSI’s IPC Line Now Available at Global American, Inc.
Today Global American Inc., a leader in System Integration, OEM and ODM for the Embedded and Industrial markets, announced they would be partnering with the Industrial PC line of MSI, a well-known leader in motherboards and system manufacturing worldwide. (+)

Global American Expands Salesforce
Hudson, NH – Global American, Inc. ( today announced that Clarice Anderson has joined the company to further develop their growing portfolio of both regional and national accounts. (+)

Global American and Glacier Computer Join Forces
Hudson, NH – Global American, Inc. today announced its partnership with Glacier Computer, headquartered in Milford, CT with a local facility in Amherst, NH. (+)

Global American Announces Partnership with Cervoz
October 5, 2015: Today Global American Inc., a leader in System Integration for the Embedded and Industrial markets, announced they would be partnering with Memory and Storage Device Manufacturer, Cervoz. (+)

AAEON and Global American Launch Partnership
July 6, 2015 Today Global American Inc., a leader in System Integration for the Embedded and Industrial markets, announced they would be partnering with AAEON, a member of the ASUS Group. (+)

Global American Announces Partnership with ASRock Corporation
September 26, 2012: Today Global American Inc., a leader in System Integration for the Embedded and Industrial markets, announced they would be partnering with ASRock as their East Coast US Distributor. (+)
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