Lifecycle Management

Life Cycle Management for Your Embedded Solutions


At Global American, we build life cycle management into every embedded solution we create for our customers.

We understand that changing out a board is a major investment of time, money and resources, so we’ll work with you to make the process as seamless as possible.

It begins with the right products. All of our vendors guarantee that their boards will be available for five to seven years.

This gives our customers the time they need to develop products that have to undergo lengthy certification and approval processes, which can sometimes take four to five years.

We’ll also give you plenty of notice when a product is going end of life (EOL), so you can make a last-time buy and/or start planning for the next generation.

We’ll continue to work with you through the design and implementation process, identifying and remedying any issues that emerge from the upgrade before you go live.

Life cycle management from start to finish—that’s the Global American way.

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