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Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Is GPU Shortage Turning into a GPU Glut?

First, there were no Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in the market, and now there seem to be too many. What exactly is going on with GPU availability, and what does it mean for embedded computers? The Global GPU Crisis GPUs, for all of their fancy architectures, are ultimately silicon chips, and the global chip shortage […]

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wireless computer card

How to Choose a Wireless Card for Your Embedded Computer

Unlike the humble Ethernet cable, there is a surprising amount of complexity in wireless hardware. Different versions of the Wifi standard, different slots of the motherboard, not to mention different chipset manufacturers. How do you choose the right one? Wireless Hardware 101: The PCI Express The first thing to look for when shopping for wireless […]

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Are Medical-Grade Power Supplies Worth It?

In theory, there isn’t any difference between computing devices used in industrial or medical fields. But in practice, medical-grade devices must adhere to more stringent norms. These higher standards apply to components like power supplies as well, like the PFC800PCX 800 Watt Medical-Grade Power Supply. Keep reading for everything you need to know on Medical-Grade […]

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global supply chain disruptions

How the Pandemic has Exposed the Vulnerabilities of the Global Supply Chain

The pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the global supply chain, highlighting the need for domestic semiconductor manufacturing. And the government and industry have taken heed, paving the way for chip fabs to be set up in the USA. But factories don’t spring up overnight, and it will be a while before this new manufacturing […]

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OPS Product

Open Pluggable Systems Explained

The problem with displays is the sheer variety of standards in use. HDMI, DVI, VGA – there are a number of technologies in use, and finding a system that works with everything can be difficult. And that’s before going into things like graphics and ultra-wide display support. Whether you want to deploy a digital signage […]

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A Crash Course to PCIe Gen 5.0

Motherboards supporting PCIe Gen 5.0 have just started hitting the shelves, and it won’t be long before graphic cards and SSDs taking advantage of the speed boost follow suit. Let’s find out what’s changed in the new standard. An Introduction to PCI-Express Peripheral Component Interchange Express or PCIe is the technology that enables you to […]

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EOL processor

What to Do When Your Chipset Reaches End-of-Life

End-of-Life (EOL) is probably the most dreaded word for any business owner. No one wants to suffer delays in their work when their setup is rendered obsolete by an EOL declaration by the manufacturer. But what exactly does EOL mean? Do you really have to switch technologies? How can you plan ahead to avoid losses? […]

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Giada DK310 Digital Signage System

It may not seem like it, but a digital signage system is one of the most demanding applications for an embedded computer. Apart from requiring powerful video processing capabilities, these systems are often mounted at higher elevations and must keep working for long periods of time without maintenance. Because of this, only a few specialized […]

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