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SP-211C-1J64- Industrial Fanless 21.5″ 10-PT Multitouch Panel PC with Elkhart Lake J6412 Platform

SP Series Panel PC

Panel PCs are often the perfect computers for most industrial settings, combining ease of use with durability and a small form factor. Our SP series Panel PCs are perfectly optimized for these use cases, thanks to their efficient cooling and sturdy build. Here is an overview. Why a Panel PC? Before we delve into what […]

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F108D – Intel® Alder Lake-N Digital Signage Player

What You Need From a Digital Signage System

With the release of smaller computers and more powerful video interfaces, digital signage has also evolved. Let’s take a look at what features are needed for a PC to power digital signage solutions. Features Required in a Digital Signage Computer Small Form Factor Embedded computers generally tend to be small, but for digital signage, nothing […]

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BluStar FS-8135 compact fanless box PC with versatile storage, dual LAN, and multiple ports

Choosing the Right Onboard Storage for Industrial Computers

Storage solutions for industrial computers come with different form factors and interfacing technologies. Here is a primer to help you navigate this tricky space. The Various Types of Storage Interfaces Most PC components interface through a fixed technology that improves over time in numbered interactions. RAM, for example, has gone from DDR1 to DDR5 (and […]

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AGS102T – IoT Ultra-Compact Fanless System with Windows 10 Professional 64-bit OS

What is Windows IoT Enterprise?

Formerly called Windows Embedded, Windows IoT is the newest interaction of Windows for commercial and industrial embedded PCs. But how exactly does it differ from standard Windows? Let’s find out. An Operating System for Scaled Computing The version of Windows distributed for home computers comes bundled with a variety of features to make life easier […]

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PH12FEI – Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard with Intel® Coffee Lake CPU Support

The Strange Rationale of Intel Codenames

While official Intel processor names are humdrum and boring (i7, i9, etc.), the unofficial codenames used by the company are rather unique. From lakes to cities, landmarks to rivers, Intel has taken inspiration from many places. Let’s take a look at how these codenames have evolved over the years. What is an Intel Codename? Official […]

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MS-9A77 – Din Rail Slim Embedded Fanless PC

The Importance of MTBF for Industrial Computers

Component manufacturers compete with one another to release components with a higher MTBF. But what does MTBF mean, and why does it even matter? The Difficulty in Measuring Reliability of an Electronic Device Measuring a device’s reliability can be tricky. Hardware faults and technical breakdowns can be notoriously random, where one device runs for years […]

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CI5TTV+ Full-Size PICMG SBC with ZIF Socket 7 for Intel Pentium / Cyrix / AMD Processors

CPU Sockets – Into the Specifics

We have talked earlier about the broad categories of CPU socket technologies, but what about the specific iterations that keep rolling out over the years? Let’s take a look at how socket types vary within a form factor. A Recap of CPU Socket Types In the broadest terms, CPU sockets are distinguished by how they […]

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MPX-768 – Mini-PCIe Gen2 x1 2D Graphics Module

PCIe 6.0: The Future or a Transitionary Phase?

It’s not been long since PCIe 5.0 SSDs started rolling out, and PCIe 6.0 is already in the works. PCIe 7.0 is not that far on the horizon either. So what’s the deal with all of these PCIe versions, and which one should you aim for? Accelerating Progress  The main metric any technical interface is […]

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