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Panel PCs

MACTRON GROUP’s WMP2157: A Panel PC For Healthcare Applications

Panel PCs are the natural choice for most commercial applications thanks to their ease of usage. Using a touch-based interface in favor of the standard keyboard and mouse, these computers are accessible to everyone. This is especially the case for medical PCs, where convenience and reliability are essential. Peripherals gather dust and fail too frequently, […]

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Sunlight Readable Displays for Outdoor Applications

Using a computer outdoors can be tricky. The screens aren’t really built to be visible in direct sunlight, making it hard to see anything on the display. This is especially a problem for embedded computers with LCD screens deployed in outdoor locations.  Computers meant to be deployed in outdoor scenarios need a different feature set […]

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Embedded PC Enclosures – Should You Go With Metal Or Plastic?

In desktop computers, picking the enclosure material is mostly an aesthetic choice. With industrial PCs though, this factor has to be considered carefully. There is no one perfect material that does well in every scenario – different situations call for different approaches. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of each one. Metal […]

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Chip Shortages

How Geopolitical Tensions Worsen the Chip Shortage

The semiconductor industry has been reeling for quite a while now. In the beginning, it was Covid, shutting down manufacturing and shipping lines across the globe. Then came the drought in Taiwan, home to TSMC, the biggest supplier of computer chips in the world. After more than two years of chip shortages and worsening product […]

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ECC memory

Demystifying ECC Memory

ECC memory has been a buzzword in the enterprise space for years. Experts recommend this memory type for most industrial and commercial applications, and many business owners just go with the flow. But what exactly is different about ECC memory? When is it actually needed? And are there any disadvantages to going down this route? […]

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CPU socket

Types of CPU Sockets

Processor technology constantly evolves. New generations of chips continuously supersede their predecessors and the market dominance keeps shifting between AMD and Intel. Yet one thing remains mostly the same – the type of CPU socket. Sure, the technical specifications of the sockets are iterated upon, but the type of socket technology used in the lineup […]

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How the Pandemic Has Affected the Global Supply of Computer Hardware

The pandemic might finally be winding down, global supply chains are yet to fully recover. The situation is especially bad in the semiconductor industry, holding up deliveries of a variety of electronic gadgets and appliances, including embedded PCs. Why is there still a shortage of chips? How long will this situation last? What can the […]

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RAID setups

RAID Setups for Industrial Applications

Data storage for commercial applications is not a simple matter. Servers may see thousands of access requests come in for the same file at the same time; serving each client one at a time would slow down the process considerably. Then there is the question of drive failures, which unfortunately occur rather frequently for a […]

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