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    • Global American Partners with Acrosser

      Be it Edge computing or IoT, you want rugged PCs that can perform under pressure. Acrosser’s products are perfect for the job, and we will be partnering with them to bring these computers to our customers. AAD-W480A: A Powerful PC for AI and Edge Computing AI-based software has become quite practical in many commercial applications, […]

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    • Intel Hybrid Core: Gimmick or the Future?

      With the 12th Gen Alder Lake lineup, Intel has introduced a new hybrid core architecture. But what exactly does a hybrid core entail? And what does it mean for embedded computing? Why the Move to Hybrid Cores? The never-ending semiconductors arms race has revolved around packing more and more cores into a single chip since […]

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    • What Is FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)? How Does It Work?

      Standard computers are frequently adapted into embedded systems, but some applications call for more specialized hardware. ASICs are an option, but FPGAs are a more flexible one. Here is a crash course into what they are. Integrated Circuits: The Heart of Processing ICs or Integrated Circuits are the building blocks of modern electronics, powering the […]

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    • DDR5 vs DDR4: Does it Matter?

      When shopping for PC memory, we consider the capacity of the RAM, but does the version also matter? What’s the difference between DDR5 and DDR4? Let’s take a look. The Rule of Doubling As a rule of thumb, new versions of any sort of hardware interface double the speed and bandwidth. This holds not just […]

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