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Lifecycle Management

Global's Lifecycle Management

In the 30 years that we’ve been building and integrating Embedded product, we’ve been able to help multiple customers through many full lifecycles. From Pentium 2 to the latest and greatest, we keep our customers up to date when things change or go end of life, and we let them know early, so they have plenty of time to redesign as needed. Our product management team manages every product we sell, ensuring that our customers get the full 7 -15 years out of every build because we know how important that is.

It’s part of our process, so you don’t pay anything else for this service. In fact, at the time we notify you of the discontinuance of your product, we immediately start recommending a replacement or start the discussion on the next generation product.

Global's Lifecycle Management Benefits

Early warning for end of life systems
Product management for maximum lifecycle
Replacement recommendations
No extra cost!




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