Testing & Certifications for Your Embedded Solutions

We know that every application is different, and may need to meet different regulatory requirements. While our systems are always ROHS and CE Compliant, we also offer hardware that have EN60601, IP65, FCC, UL, MIL-STD-810G off the shelf. And in the instance, you find exactly what you need, but it’s not already certified, we can take care of that extra step for you.

Global's Testing & Certifications Benefits:

ROHS & CE Compliant






And others


The first step to any successful product is the prototype. Global offers our “No-Fuss Prototype Service” to get you the right system in your hands quickly, and all the engineering-level help and support you may need at no additional cost to you.

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Whether it be a custom integration, tweak to a COTS component or a completely custom board or chassis, Global’s Engineering Team can serve as your partner to accomplish an end result both quickly and within budget.

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Branding & Labeling

We understand the importance of developing a brand and offer services to help you personalize your hardware.

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bios imaging

Imaging & BIOS

OUT-OF-THE-BOX. It’s a phrase that means so much when you’re a busy professional. Global will make sure you get exactly that, and in most cases, without any additional cost.

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Testing & Certifications

We know that every application is different, and may need to meet different regulatory requirements.

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Global American has been building and integrating Embedded hardware for almost 30 years, it’s our specialty and we do it well.

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Inventory & Fulfillment

Let us be a part of your supply chain. We’ll keep your tested and packaged goods in our warehouse for release as you need them.

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Technical Support

Our completely US-based customer support team is easy to reach, either through our website or directly via phone or email, and available Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm EST.

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Lifecycle Management

In the 30 years that we’ve been building and integrating Embedded products, we’ve been able to help multiple customers through many full lifecycles.

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