Employee Spotlight – David Jhaver

Posted on July 27, 2020

My name is David Jhaver, and I am the Purchasing Manager here at Global American. I purchase all the materials for our integrated assemblies. My favorite part of my job is negotiating pricing with our vendors in order to save our customers money.

Since 2006, I’ve worn many hats at Global; from shipping/receiving to sales and finally to my niche, purchasing. While shopping for computer products and components may not always be the most exciting duty, I do sincerely appreciate building relationships with those that I buy from, and I enjoy the challenge of coordinating shipments and arrival times to ensure that our production crew outback has what they need to meet their deadlines to our customers. The relationships I’ve forged with our suppliers is really important to me, and some have even become close friends.

My peers and colleagues here would likely consider me to be the company funny person. I like to make people laugh, and always try to brighten everyone’s day with an email or a funny face. The team at Global is like a small family, so (I think) everyone appreciates my jokes and upbeat attitude.

My hobbies include sports, logging, reading, traveling, and cooking. I am an avid LSU Football fan – this can be determined pretty quickly from just being around me for a short time. I am a father of four, and I love being a dad and hopefully a good role model for my kids.