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Is Now a Good Time to Get a NUC Board?

Posted on August 10, 2023

With Intel pulling out of the PC market, it is halting the production of most boards, including the unique NUC board. What does it mean for the future of NUC computers? And what about enterprises that have already invested in it?

No More Intel PCs

Facing stiff competition and dwindling revenues, Intel has taken the decision to drastically cut down on its businesses and focus purely on the semiconductor vertical. This means it is pulling the plug on PC manufacturing, including servers and enterprise boards.

There is no need to panic, however. Intel is still committed to providing support for the boards already sold throughout their lifecycle. Better yet, the businesses aren’t exactly being shut down, but just handed over to Intel’s partners in the space.

And many other providers were already producing boards adhering to the NUC form factor and using Intel processors. Global American, for example, has a selection of high-performance NUC PCs.

An Introduction to NUCs

The Next Unit of Computing (NUC) was devised by Intel to provide a smaller form factor for PCs than even the mini-ITX. With a footprint of just 4 x 4-inch, NUC is the smallest form of computing you can get that does not have to resort to mobile processors.

As a result, this form factor is ideal for embedded computers, since you can get full-scale PC performance in a deceptively small enclosure. NUCs also use fanless cooling, increasing their longevity and further decreasing their power draw.

NUC systems are thus becoming very popular in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from billing to industrial automation. Even office spaces can benefit from a smaller PC that easily integrates with the desk for a clutter-free environment.

What this Means for NUCs

Most verticals are not being dramatically affected by the Intel pullout, since it is not like Intel was the sole manufacturer of enterprise system boards. But for the NUC form factor, it is a different matter.

Intel is the creator and designer of the NUC form factor. That being said, various OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have been assembling NUC boards based on Intel’s specifications and chips

So while Intel’s own boards are going to end production, third-party developers manufacturing NUC systems are still going strong.

Continued Support For Existing Systems

Intel is only putting a stop to further production of NUC systems. Any boards already in the market – whether as a part of inventories or already deployed computers – will continue to receive updates and support throughout their lifecycle.

This means that anyone investing in NUC mini PCs for their enterprise setup doesn’t have to worry about being left in the lurch. Intel will fully support all NUC systems they have already produced.

And for any NUC board produced by different providers, there is no uncertainty. These NUC systems are serviced and updated by their respective manufacturers, with only Intel’s specifications and chipsets being used.

Is it a Good Time to Get a NUC Board?

If you have been thinking of getting NUC systems or just looking for a small form factor PC for your needs, this is an excellent time. Because while Intel’s own boards are going out of production, third-party NUC boards are only going to become more popular.

We have a selection of NUC boards as well as ready-to-deploy mini PCs suitable for various applications. With their long life and fanless cooling, they can fit into any industrial or commercial task efficiently.