HBJC511I109-H470 Mini ITX Fanless Embedded PC from OEM

OEM Services are the Smarter Choice

Posted on April 1, 2023

An Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM is the usual go-to for procuring embedded computers for your business. But is that really the better choice, or just the lazy option? Let’s take a look.

With most things, it is cheaper and more reliable to source the equipment yourself, cutting out the middleman. However, procuring the right industrial computers can be a difficult and expensive process. There are many factors to keep in mind, and most of them are better solved by an experienced OEM service.

Factor #1: Specialization

When it comes to industrial computers, out-of-the-box solutions rarely work. Every application is unique and requires its own custom specifications to perform up to the mark. And that’s where an Original Equipment Manufacturer comes in.

OEM services offer a wide range of pre-built and custom-built embedded computers that are specifically designed for industrial applications. From things like industrial automation to warehousing or surveillance systems, a good OEM has an option for every use case.

This means that you can get the right PC for your needs right away, without having to invest time and resources into designing, testing, and building your own industrial computers.

Factor #2: Logistics

Even if you are willing to go through the trouble of figuring out the right configuration for your needs, you still have to deal with the logistics. Sourcing the necessary components, assembling the computer, and testing it to ensure quality – there is a lot that goes into creating a functioning product.

But if you go with an OEM, they will handle all of the logistics of procuring and delivering all the embedded computers you need. And thanks to their existing ties with all steps of the supply chain, they will likely be able to do it faster than you.

Factor #3: Economics

Let’s face it – the only reason to consider ditching an OEM to procure your computers yourself is to save money. After all, if you can get the same quality at a lower price, why would you not buy your own PCs?

Except, that’s not how economies of scale work. OEMs buy components in bulk and can negotiate lower prices than individual companies can, giving them a clear advantage.

As a result, OEMs can offer embedded computers at a lower cost than any company can achieve on its own.

Factor #4: Maintenance and Technical Support

Computers are electronic devices, and like any other piece of technology, require constant maintenance and technical support. And if you are counting on the component manufacturer to maintain your product, you will be waiting a long time.

This is because a single component manufacturer (say, Intel) can only provide you drivers and support for their own product. They cannot troubleshoot the entire system, since they never assembled it.

But when you purchase a computer from an OEM service, they also offer technical support and maintenance. Any issues that arise are fixed quickly and efficiently since the OEM knows their system inside out and has experienced technicians. This is an invaluable advantage, saving you time and money by reducing downtime and minimizing the need for expensive repairs.

Factor #5: Latest Technologies

The field of computers moves quickly, with the cutting-edge device of the previous year being outclassed by the current year’s lineup. Whenever you are installing or upgrading your computers, you don’t want to be stuck with outdated systems.

Using an OEM service alleviates this problem as it can provide companies with access to the latest technology and innovations in the embedded computer industry. OEMs are often directly partnered with component manufacturers and can offer systems leveraging the latest technologies way before the retail market catches up.

OEM vs In-House: What’s the Better Option?

No matter how many computers you are looking to buy or which industry you need them for, trying to procure them in-house is never worth it. Getting your systems from an OEM will always net you a better price, better service, and better technical support.

And that’s before we go into the convenience of getting an OEM to deliver custom systems to you, saving you all the time and effort that would otherwise be spent trying to find the right computer for your needs.