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  • Looking for a 10.1 inch tablet that can be dropped and still works? Then come check this one out!

    Today I’m going to discuss our Rugged Tablet PC. I am not going to reiterate the specs (as you can find them on our website), but I am going talk about what this tablet can do compared to its consumer counterparts.



    First, this tablet is both dust proof and water resistant (IP65), so it’s perfect for Industrial applications. It can easily be mounted on forklifts or inside vehicles and has latex glove touch sensitivity (PCap). It also comes with an optional 1D/2D barcode scanner. The uses are endless but may include stockrooms and hospitals.


    As we all can imagine, using any electronic component in a high traffic, industrial-type environment can pose a high risk of damage to that unit. There is no need to worry with our Rugged tablet, as it’s built to withstand shock, vibration and transit drops!



    How is this tablet different than one at your local “brick and mortar” store?

    Yeah, this tablet is different than the one you can pick up at your typical electronics store. For starters, it has a hot-swappable battery (5300mAh or 10600mAh) for those long work days. The built-in stylus is perfect for precision applications and the programmable buttons streamline any task. Lastly, it’s able to load a full O/S as opposed to smaller, scaled down versions.


    What makes this an Industrial Tablet?

    We understand that upgrading hardware is a major investment of time, money and resources. Your return on investment is always at the top of our minds, and that begins with picking the right product for your industrial application. 

    All our products are guaranteed to be viable and available for at least 7 years (some as long as 15!). This gives our customers the time they need to develop products that have to undergo lengthy certification and approval processes. With that said, typical consumer products upgrade with new technology, sometimes discontinuing products in as little as 6 months.

    This all being said, the cost is always top of mind for our customers. You’ll find this tablet to be reasonably priced for what it offers – ruggedness, long life, and scalability.

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    Stay tuned for our next blog post!


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