Intel sign in front of building

Intel’s Alterra: Gamechanger or Gimmick?

With Edge computing and AI becoming an increasingly crucial part of industrial computing, embedded chips need to evolve as well. And Intel’s Agilex chips are designed to address this need. But does it actually bring anything new to the table? Let’s find out. The Rise of FPGAs Field Programmable Gate Arrays or FPGAs have been […]

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BluStar FS-8135 – Compact Size Fanless Box PC

TAA Compliance in Embedded Computing

TAA compliance is a term that often crops up in discussions related to products intended to be sold to the US government or its agencies. But what exactly does it mean? Especially when considering embedded PCs? The United States Trade Agreement Act (TAA) The first thing to note is that the TAA is not a […]

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IMB-X1316-10G with support for Intel® 14th/13th/12th Gen Core™ Processors up to 125W

What Is FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)? How Does It Work?

Standard computers are frequently adapted into embedded systems, but some applications call for more specialized hardware. ASICs are an option, but FPGAs are a more flexible one. Here is a crash course into what they are. Integrated Circuits: The Heart of Processing ICs or Integrated Circuits are the building blocks of modern electronics, powering the […]

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JF35-ADN1 – 3.5″ SBC with Alder Lake-N SoC and DDR5 memory support

DDR5 vs DDR4: Does it Matter?

When shopping for PC memory, we consider the capacity of the RAM, but does the version also matter? What’s the difference between DDR5 and DDR4? Let’s take a look. The Rule of Doubling As a rule of thumb, new versions of any sort of hardware interface double the speed and bandwidth. This holds not just […]

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intel processor

Meteor Lake – Redefining Intel™ Architecture

The brand-new Meteor Lake from Intel™ architecture is already making waves, as it is quite a leap from the company’s current paradigm. But what makes it so different? A New Approach For the most part, Intel’s basic processor architecture has remained the same over the decades. Every generation just aims to pack more power onto […]

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Photo of a Wi-Fi Tower Under a Blue Sky

It is hard to imagine the world of today without wireless networks…

It is hard to imagine the world of today without wireless networks – either for giving devices internet access through Wi-Fi or connecting peripherals using Bluetooth. And yet these game-changing technologies did not spring up overnight. The evolution of wireless technologies has continued in tandem with the development of computers, even if their transformation into […]

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SP-211C-1J64- Industrial Fanless 21.5″ 10-PT Multitouch Panel PC with Elkhart Lake J6412 Platform

SP Series Panel PC

Panel PCs are often the perfect computers for most industrial settings, combining ease of use with durability and a small form factor. Our SP series Panel PCs are perfectly optimized for these use cases, thanks to their efficient cooling and sturdy build. Here is an overview. Why a Panel PC? Before we delve into what […]

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F108D – Intel® Alder Lake-N Digital Signage Player

What You Need From a Digital Signage System

With the release of smaller computers and more powerful video interfaces, digital signage has also evolved. Let’s take a look at what features are needed for a PC to power digital signage solutions. Features Required in a Digital Signage Computer Small Form Factor Embedded computers generally tend to be small, but for digital signage, nothing […]

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