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MB800V industrial motherboard

MB800V – Legacy Industrial Motherboard

Finding systems that can support legacy frameworks is difficult, especially when your application requires Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) slots. The MB800V is a system designed for exactly these scenarios, letting you get more work out of your existing hardware without a massive overhaul. What is the Purpose of ISA Slots? Before the advent of PCI […]

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AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU computer chip

Why Burn-in Testing is Essential for Industrial PCs

Burn-in testing is a common step in the production of electronics, especially those meant for industrial or commercial usage. But what exactly is burn-in testing and what does it achieve? Let’s take a look. The Heat Factor Computer chips, like any other electronic device, release generate heat when working. The amount generated depends on the […]

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Industrial PC

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Embedded Industrial PC

Choosing the right embedded system to power your industrial application is crucial. To help you make the correct decision, here are 5 things to keep in mind when you are shopping for an embedded Industrial PC. 1: Longevity Product lifecycles can be tricky. It is common to pick an older processor to save costs, only […]

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