MPX-768 – Mini-PCIe Gen2 x1 2D Graphics Module

PCIe 6.0: The Future or a Transitionary Phase?

It’s not been long since PCIe 5.0 SSDs started rolling out, and PCIe 6.0 is already in the works. PCIe 7.0 is not that far on the horizon either. So what’s the deal with all of these PCIe versions, and which one should you aim for? Accelerating Progress  The main metric any technical interface is […]

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WMP1567- 15.6″ Medical Grade Touch All-in-One Panel PC

Why Human-Machine Interfaces Are Crucial

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is often considered a quality-of-life feature that you invest in if you have the funds left over. But in truth, HMI plays an essential role in improving the efficiency and safety of complex systems. Let’s understand how. Accessibility Improves Efficiency Human-Machine Interfaces, by their very definition, are concerned with improving accessibility. […]

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MU03 – Long-Life Embedded Intel Elkhart Lake® NUC Board

Is Now a Good Time to Get a NUC Board?

With Intel pulling out of the PC market, it is halting the production of most boards, including the unique NUC board. What does it mean for the future of NUC computers? And what about enterprises that have already invested in it? No More Intel PCs Facing stiff competition and dwindling revenues, Intel has taken the […]

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LV-6714 – Mini ITX Motherboard for 12th Generation Intel®Alder Lake S Processors

Intel Hybrid Core: Gimmick or the Future?

With the 12th Gen Alder Lake lineup, Intel has introduced a new hybrid core architecture. But what exactly does a hybrid core entail? And what does it mean for embedded computing? Why the Move to Hybrid Cores? The never-ending semiconductors arms race has revolved around packing more and more cores into a single chip since […]

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Fanless Embedded NUC Intel® N2930 Processor

NUC Form Factor Boards

The ATX form factor is good for PCs, but commercial settings usually need smaller embedded computers. And while the ITX form factor is good for that, what about the even smaller NUC? NUC – The Smallest Form Factor for Computers The main draw of NUC is the size. The Next Unit of Computing (NUC) has […]

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usb-c cable

USB-C vs. Thunderbolt – When Form Factors Collide

USB-C has revitalized wired connectivity, offering much higher bandwidth and data transmission speeds than was possible with older form factors like USB-A, or even Apple’s Lightning. But what about Thunderbolt? Does USB-C replace the Thunderbolt standard? Or can these two technologies work together? Here is an overview. Thunderbolt – An Interface, Not Just a Cable […]

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HJBC903I05 Fanless PC Rear diagram

Fanless PC for Networking Systems

Surveillance and other networking applications require a very specific combination of features – a large number of LAN ports, a low-power processor, and fanless cooling for a rugged, compact chassis. The HBJC903i05 checks all these boxes, making it the ideal PC for powering any networking-heavy interface. Let’s take a deeper look at its features. 6 […]

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