Industrial PC

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Embedded Industrial PC

Choosing the right embedded system to power your industrial application is crucial. To help you make the correct decision, here are 5 things to keep in mind when you are shopping for an embedded Industrial PC. 1: Longevity Product lifecycles can be tricky. It is common to pick an older processor to save costs, only […]

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A Crash Course to PCIe Gen 5.0

PCIe Gen 5.0-supported motherboards have just started hitting the shelves, and it won’t be long before graphic cards and SSDs taking advantage of the speed boost follow suit. An Introduction to PCI-Express Peripheral Component Interchange Express or PCIe is the technology that enables you to extend the functionality of the motherboard. Be it a hard […]

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EOL processor

What to Do When Your Chipset Reaches EOL (End-of-Life)

End-of-Life (EOL) is probably the most dreaded word for any business owner. No one wants to suffer delays in their work when their setup is rendered obsolete by an EOL declaration by the manufacturer. But what exactly does EOL mean? Do you really have to switch technologies? How can you plan ahead to avoid losses? […]

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Giada DK310 Digital Signage System

It may not seem like it, but a digital signage system is one of the most demanding applications for an embedded computer. Apart from requiring powerful video processing capabilities, these systems are often mounted at higher elevations and must keep working for long periods of time without maintenance. Because of this, only a few specialized […]

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Panel PC

What is Better – Panel PC or Rugged Box PC with Touch Screen Display?

Embedded computers come in various form factors. Most commercial and industrial applications pair these PCs with touch displays to make them more intuitive to use. But the manner in which the display is integrated is important as well. You can go for a Panel PC, which combines the computer with a touch screen display in […]

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PCIe Gen 4 Explained

The Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or PCIe as it is usually known is the most powerful interface for installing additional components on a motherboard. Offering higher data transfer rates than any other serial bus, PCIe ports are the preferred means for attaching expansion cards like a GPU or a Wi-Fi card. And like any other […]

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medical tablets

Uses For Medical Tablets

Full-fledged desk computers are rarely found in medical settings, and with good reason. They take up space that could be better used for diagnostic devices, and serve as distractions due to their noisy fans. Even if you install terminals powered by slim fanless systems, input devices like keyboards and mice accumulate germs and are not […]

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Panel PCs

MACTRON GROUP’s WMP2157: A Panel PC For Healthcare Applications

Panel PCs are the natural choice for most commercial applications thanks to their ease of usage, and MACTRON GROUP’s WMP2157 is the perfect option for that. Using a touch-based interface in favor of the standard keyboard and mouse, panel PCs are accessible to everyone. This is especially the case for medical PCs, where convenience and […]

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